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Sarah helped me to explore an issue that was giving me a lot of pause for thought. She was clear in her questions and was warm and engaging. The impact of the session was substantial:

With great questions and waiting for me to think, Sarah’s coaching enabled me to face honestly the barriers that I might be putting up and what was motivating my decision-making

I finished the session with a clear plan that I knew I could work with, and had a greater feeling of commitment having talked through my thinking

Harriet - Director at TopHat Coaching - Edinburgh


Sarah was very easy to speak to openly and honestly. I always felt comfortable sharing details of my life with her and she was 100% supportive and always made me feel I could achieve anything I wanted.

Sarah helped me with achieving goals that have had a positive impact on my daily life, from finding more quality time with my husband, to finding more me time to exercise.

Her great questions really allowed me to break down the problem, then think and reflect on what actions needed to be taken and then be executed. I feel that my days are much more structured and less stressful now. Thank you Sarah.

Natasha - Life Coach, Mum and TV producer- Kent

Sarah has a warm personality that helped to make me feel comfortable, when talking to her about very personal things. She is a great listener and was able to pick up on words and hidden feelings I had about myself.

She was acting like a mirror, and in this way I could see myself as I really was. She is incredibly creative and she used some techniques that helped me to focus in how I can achieve all my different goals. Sarah is such a wonderful and caring coach. In the future I have no doubts I will choose her again should I need her help..Thanks again, Sarah!

Chiara - Secondary School Teacher and Reiki Practioner- London

bethany (2).jpg

Sarah would actively ask me powerful questions that genuinely made me gain a deep understanding of myself whilst also building a new level of self-awareness that I didn’t think was possible.

These questions always proved to generate a pivot; shifting my perception around what it was that was holding me back and equipping me with the confidence to take the steps needed towards my goals.

Bethany - Engagement Manager at WE ARE UMi Newcastle

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