Here's a Novel Idea

How about sitting back, hitting pause and allowing yourself some time to reflect on your own life. When did you actually get a chance to do exactly that?

Well, actually that time seems to have come right at this moment for many of us.

So, yes, we can get down about it and end up going round and round in our own heads…..

…or we can choose to make it one of the most mentally productive periods at this point in our lives.


I know many of you will indeed be doing some huge course-correcting.

But can you still pursue certain ideas and projects

that keep coming up in your thoughts despite these big changes?

Should you be reconsidering well-made plans or

 re-imagining them entirely?

Coaching can provide a great chance to really reflect upon where you are and what’s next once the world begins to fully re-open.


That is essentially what I am offering you. Some time to stop for a minute and see what’s really possible in the next phase of your own life.

Why Choose Coaching?

It’s practical, forward-thinking, pro-active, in as much as you make it so.


How do I know?


I’ve done it myself, as you might expect. My clients have also shared with me how much it has helped  them to implement changes in their own lives with great success.


When I was offered it the first time round I turned it down , thinking that it just didn’t sound like it was for me.

A few months later, I was out meeting new people, and again someone I had never met before offered it to me.


This time I thought. ‘Well if it’s come around again, life is definitely trying to tell me something!'

Now, two years later. I am the one doing the coaching. I could not possibly have imagined the wonderful benefits it would bring into my life. I found a safe space in which to explore my hopes, fears, dreams and plans.

The funny thing was as I engaged in the coaching, I found that I knew all of the answers. I knew what it would take. I just never had the courage to utter the words or tell someone about my plans. Because then I would have to actually do something about it.

Well through coaching I aim to help you to help yourself.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to         maximise their own performance. It’s helping them to   learn rather than teaching them.”

John Whitmore, Coaching for Performance

Coaching simply put, is where you would come to me and I will hold the space for you.


I will devote my time to listen,  and help to unravel some of your most pressing thoughts. We will walk together in this deep conversation, me supporting you to get at what it is that you truly want to achieve.


I would hope to help you clear away all the negative voices in your head and focus on the one that wants to make positive changes.

I will be asking you plenty of questions, to help you uncover what is sometimes stopping you from going forward. We’ll talk about how you can work on lifting up those annoying branches that sometimes block our way. We’ll work together, on ways to jump over them, to get to where you want to be.

I will however, put the power in your hands. Coaching is not about me telling you what to do. No advice is given, simply feedback. We’ll take time to examine what is going on inside your mind and why it is that you may be choosing certain actions over others in your daily life.

A Bit More About Me

For nearly twenty years I have been involved in Education in London and Surrey. I have had the fantastic opportunity to work with and support children and families in three very different communities.


I have loved working with highly professional teams who constantly worked towards excellence in their daily practice.


The field of education taught me so much about how to listen and communicate our intentions towards each other, to strengthen relationships and form great bonds of trust.


I have been well supported as I have entered the coaching world. It seemed like a very natural progression from teaching.


Many of the people and management skills I learned, have transferred easily into coaching.




If you've come this far then why not 

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